Welcome to issue 004

Welcome to issue 004


Hello Readers, Contributors, Apparel lifestyle makers

Welcome to issue 004. The talent showcased by our contributors is incredible and it's a privilege for us to curate and pull this collective of UK makers together under one roof at SSEAMS magazine.



This issue narrows down the narrative for UK apparel lifestyle makers - those intent on making their products with passion and a great big dose of the due diligence required for making it the right way.

Additionally, a common theme our team has a particular interest in is our desire for rural activation - escaping the excesses, corporate culture & fast pace living. This new way of 'being' transcends to our daily activities and how we dress accordingly, and why we veer to some brands and not others.

Thank you to all of our contributors for continuing to pour your energy into making things beautiful.

Enjoy the issue!


Image credits: John Barbour for SSEAMS / Headline image &Sons


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