Introducing Workhouse England

Introducing Workhouse England

Led by Iggi Zain Leveritt and Ryoko Sakaguchi, Workhouse England draws inspiration from the past to create contemporary wearable men’s (sometimes worn by women), clothes tailored with enduring style. Workhouse England is based in a converted Victorian Slaughterhouse in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England. The studio hosts an archive of patterns, fabrics and mood boards. It's a constant source of inspiration and embodies the Workhouse spirit.

The centrepiece are rails that carry the latest Workhouse Collections. Classic garments from past collections and styles that can be worn all year round. Thus creating the biggest dressing up box for visitors to enjoy.




Icon Garments include the easy, everyday Chinwest jacket, the tailored, tapered Club trouser or the Peaky Blinder with rabbit ear pockets. The relaxed collarless bed shirt and the long bold East End coat. A classic piece of formal-wear, worn informally as casual outerwear. The high top bowler called the Chicken George is an ever-present finisher, a traditional English bowler with an extra two inches on top for supreme dandies. All made in England, made to last.


Fabrics are rich and time tested and include Italian cottons and Irish Linens. Scottish wools and English waxed cottons. Every textile is considered and just so; a specific shade, a certain touch, the play of the cloth.




Clothes by Workhouse England

Photography by Harry Adams

Model - Joe Dredge ( grandson )

Model - Terry Dredge ( grandfather )

Shot at the Peanut Factory studio London

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