The Struggle is Real

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Not matter if we are working from home for the first time, previously were a part-time WFH-er (work from homer), or serial home office freelancer, we all can feel stuck at times.

Kate Pierre shares with us her honest story of the days when she feels stuck and how she deals with the ups and downs of “roller-covid”.

The struggle really is real. And now more than ever. As we all adjust to working from home, as an entrepreneur who has been working from home for the past year, it’s a different type of adjustment for me.

This morning, I started off motivated, inspired, a brand spanking new to-do list and I was ready to go. Time past by in a blur of sewing, writing, organizing and then I had lunch and a phone call to take. Then I sat on my couch.

Hmmm. Perhaps this was my mistake? I made myself comfortable with a lower back cushion and a cuppa tea (note to self, DO NOT drink SleepyTime tea in the middle of the day!).

Whoever said being an entrepreneur is easy, was wrong.

Being an entrepreneur who works from home is definitely not easy.

I love my home and I love working from my space.  But now there is this mindset that I can’t leave my space.  Before the lock-down it was a choice.  Now that choice has been taken away. The fridge still constantly beckons. As does Netflix, and I can always find someone to message on social media. And  now 3 hours have past.

Photo Credit : Kate Pierre

In that time, I did motivate myself to reach out on social media to ask for help and that was it. It took me that long to put a posting up on social media. The action takes 2 minutes, tops. But in my defense, I had a lot of distractions. There were just so many too-damn cute babies on the internet to look at. Human babies, cat babies, dog babies, monkey babies befriending baby cats, you name it, I watched it.

And secondly, I was fearful. Sitting here in my big bubble of fear, wondering what people would think of me for putting up this post. The fear paralyzed me and so I procrastinated. I tried finding another smaller task to do from my to-do list, but there wasn’t one. Usually I would take a 15 minute break and go for a walk around the block.  Especially on sunny days.  But now I think twice about leaving my space.

I think it was the realization that I had been sitting here for so long, that made me just do it. And I immediately logged out of all social media, so I wouldn’t see any of the comments. And I know that this is silly, and that it is fear that is holding me back.

But this fear was huge. It surprised and astounded me just how big it was, for a task so seemingly small. It was an ask for help. It told the world that I didn’t have all the resources, all the information that I needed to be able to move forward with this project. It was hard because usually I do have the resources, all the information to be able to complete a task. I didn’t want to show that I felt weak.

I gave myself a pep talk. Asking myself what it was that I wanted to do. If this action of posting an ad, would be helping me to achieve what it was that I want to do. The answer was yes. But it still took my brain some time to take action. Now that I have taken action, I feel so much better, and I’m onto the next thing.

Unisex Collection from Kate & Frances. Photo Credit : Kate Pierre

But sometimes we need to pause here. Pat ourselves on the back. Celebrate that we got over that fear hurdle.

This is something that as entrepreneurs, because we have so much on our plates, that we just don’t do. Or we don’t do it enough.

Celebrate the little things.

So, this fear. The fear of judgement. The need for others approval. I drive myself around in circles with this and it causes anxiety and I can’t move forward. It feels as though I am stuck on this loop and I can’t slow down the thoughts. It’s as if I’m on a rollercoaster, and my stomach would rather be somewhere else.

Up, then down, then left, then right, then left, then right and more right and down and left and up and left and down and right and then stop.
I need to hop off. The only way to get off this rollercoaster is to take action.

So I did. My post wasn’t perfect and I’m sure I’ve forgotten to add a couple of things. But it’s now out there. And I can go for that walk around the block; keeping my 2m distance from anyone else outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

And action will come from my action. A forward motion. It was small in the scheme of things, but in my mind it was massive! And a shift has occurred. Not only can I cross that action off my to-do list, but it has allowed ease, so my brain to take more actionable steps.

The next one, a little easier.

Tomorrow, we start again. Although it will be one step closer to my end goal.

With 20 years in the apparel industry, Kate is a writer , designer and entrepreneur, with her own line, Kate & Frances. She is passionate about creating functionality and efficiency, not only in product creation, but also in the creation process.

With her love of learning and gift for telling stories, she tells the tales so we can all learn, be inspired and stay connected.

Photo Credit : Angela McConnell


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