Letter from the Editor

Welcome to the first SSEAMS NORTH edition! Being back in Scotland, I am more excited than ever before to share the work going on here, and from our industry friends further afield. During the lockdown, like everyone else, it bought me some time to think, plan, and reset. Added to that, the impact of Brexit, I started to look out locally and discover what was going on.

And, let me tell you, this small country packs a punch! Creativity comes as a given. From an apparel industry perspective, we can see dynamic shifts emerging. Our intention at SSEAMS is to take you behind the scenes of the brands, makers and mills, with a firm eye on sustainable textile innovation.

Diane Richardson, SSEAMS Magazine Editor

Local is the new global and with that in mind we will be discovering what’s on the ground here and sharing those insights with you, as well as inviting our industry friends around the world to share a few insights with us so we can all learn together. Our team at SSEAMS came together during a global pandemic. We can tell that story in years to come, but for now, we made a decision that more heads around our table was better than one.

And, in spending quality time to discover what it is we do together, for the ‘greater good’ of our industry, innovation and sustainability became top of our agenda. All heads together, we have spent over 100 combined years in the industry! Together, we know the supply network & process inside out. We know the lengths it takes to make one simple garment. Let me tell you, it’s never simple! The industry supply network faces big challenges and we will be sharing topical issues and opinions from leading industry players.

Also, as we see the connectivity between industry and consumer closing in we intend to facilitate that coming together. Fanciful brand marketing may just of had its day. Surely now, we should open up our world and share what really goes into the clothes we make? Part education, part exploration, for this new, conscious consumer. That would mean showcasing our manufacturing partners in new and meaningful ways. Technology & innovation addressing real global issues and turning the cameras on that focal point. That work has started and long may it come to front of stage!

SUSTAINABILITY – The ‘S’ word ‘ain’t so sassy in our sector'(!), but as the world comes together and prepares its legacy plan from COP26, Glasgow, we want to share opinion from industry voices to help inform you, and most importantly, support you through the green fog! INNOVATION – And, wait until you see what some of our industry friends have been doing – brilliant innovative solutions that again, should be celebrated as, like all other industries, they are facing the challenges head on. We will be putting names to the faces behind the products you buy and finding an emotional connection as we get to know what makes them tick!

A moment of gratitude for this issue. Firstly, Robin Clementson, Associate Editor, humouring our push to document our journey, he raises our standards of journalism massively. An experienced PR leader too, we are grateful for his patience as we take SSEAMS into its next chapter. To all our contributors, industry friends and colleagues. Thank you for your conversation over the last year, and thank you for your contribution to SSEAMS and beyond!

To our readers, joining our community of creatives – thank you for taking the time to come on this journey with us. Hopefully you gain an insight along the way and join us to be better at how we do things, the right way! Hope you like the front cover! Laid bare, time for change is so apt as we launch this issue during COP26. Big thanks to Siobhan Mckenna, founder of Rejean Denim. And, of course, at the same time, we hope you enjoy wearing the clothes that were designed and developed by the very talented folks we celebrate who do this for a living because, simply, it’s in their dna.

To all our contributors, industry friends and colleagues. Thank you for your conversation over the last year, and thank you for your contribution to SSEAMS and beyond!

Enjoy reading!

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