By Fraser McGregor Purfit

No, not another new vegan dish from your favourite noodle restaurant, but a gentler, more sustainable way to care for your belongings from Japan. This Japanese art of traditionally repairing pottery with a lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum is something that can be traced back to the 15th Century. 

By highlighting and celebrating the life by repairing an easily discarded object is something that we could all be more mindful of in protecting the planet and not wasting precious resources. Not only does the object  become more beautiful but we also acknowledge the history of an object. We can seamlessly use this concept of essentially make do and mend into our own personal wardrobes.

Everyone has that favourite wool sweater or cotton utility jacket that has been so loved but could do with a little patching so it continues giving you joy instead of being resigned to landfill. So whether your garments have been a local takeaway from a travelling family of moths, or snagged on a door handle energetically dancing the night away when you are out reconnecting with life and loved ones again, it’s time to get patching and repairing. Also the added benefit that your non existent sewing skills will not be called into question. Result!

So love your clothes, celebrate that they have been with you for some of the best moments of your life and wear them as a nod that an edited, sanitised, curated life is not a sign of a life well lived. Wear and rewear your precious memory laden clothing for years to come and celebrate every small rip and tear as a reminder of a life lived in real time and not online.

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