Interview: Luca Faloni

What is the overall driving concept behind Luca Faloni, what pushes the brand in terms of values and ethical stance?

In essence, Luca Faloni is a brand that strives to deliver Italian made, carefully crafted garments delivered by makers with generations of trusted artisans core to their business. I have travelled and worked across many parts of the world and had always found it almost impossible to find products that were of the quality I was used to from growing up in Turin, Northern Italy. Garments that are made by what I consider to be the best craftspeople and utilising the very best fabrics and materials available. Italian made is important to us and to our customers. By being transparent and partnering with long-standing and trusted artisans, we are delivering garments that are not only expertly made, but ones that are of outstanding quality and will stand the test of time, so there is no room for waste and substandard performance.

Luca Faloni Leather

We have seen a growing focus on brands to be more aware of waste and ‘fast-fashion’ fixes, where do you stand on this debate?

We have always been this way. It is within our DNA to produce garments that are well crafted, but also timeless, with a natural style that transcends the seasons. Most importantly, to produce garments that have longevity and durable quality at their core. For a number of years we have seen features surrounding sustainability and buying better, but buying less, especially with the education of the public with regards to the amount of waste generated by fast fashion brands. Our whole approach is from the other end of the scale. What we say we do, we do and we do it well and that has built a solid reputation and foundation for the Faloni name. We have also created what we believe to be an accessible price point for this sector. Key, statement, easy to wear pieces that are staple to the man’s wardrobe.

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Where is the product made and what is the reasoning?

I am from Turin originally and had travelled in my previous career all over the world and even in places like the US, I was unable to find products that mirrored the quality I was used to from home, so it made sense to tap into those wonderful manufacturers such as Cariaggi and Grandi & Rubinelli.

Luca Faloni

You started as a direct to consumer brand, what were the benefits of doing that and why change it?

Well I believed and still do that it was a wise model to begin with as it keeps the obvious costs down and as a business, you can easily interact directly with your customer without the need for bricks and mortar. However, as the reputation grew, it was our customers, especially from markets such as the UK, who were asking where they could buy the product. To touch and feel it for themselves.

Brush Cotton Shirt Moss Green

Talk us through the offer of Luca Faloni. What is the purpose behind the brand’s design and aesthetic?

We are a timeless brand that creates easy to wear garments that carry style. We are not seasonally specific and prefer to create essential designs and well-crafted garments that can be worn and utilised at the bequest of the owner. We garner faith and confidence through our communication and through customers seeing our transparency and quality over time after purchase. I would also say that it’s important to create garments that are flexible, can be worn as layering pieces or stand alone and for a multitude of occasions. We are purposeful.

Luca Faloni

Who is your target market, who buys and wears the Luca Faloni product, are you seeing a shift in that as you grow?

We typically appeal to an age range of between 25-55. The professional man that understands the importance of well-made garments and looks after them. As I have mentioned, we are a versatile brand, our pieces are not bolted on to a particular seasonal trend and we maintain an appeal that adapts to a variety of environments. We are a popular choice for businessmen who travel because of the quality of the fabrics and ease of wear.

Luca Faloni Siena Salmon

Talk us through the offer of the brand today. What important pieces are coming from the brand and how are they being positioned?

Fundamentally we are all about Made In Italy quality. A trusted brand that utilises the very best in Italian heritage manufacturing to provide a sophisticated collection of easy-to-wear garments for men. We have built a reputation that says just that and our customer loyalty is testament to this. We are transparent and clear on our processes and the beautifully honest results of that. We adjust and make tweaks to designs and also launch new pieces every now and again, so watch out for the new silk-cotton black Polo Shirt, the new colour-ways for our Shawl Cardigan and Sienna Shirting as well as the lighter Spring cashmere collection.

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