Consulting services


Whether you are just starting out, or are an established player needing fresh eyes, we have the expertise to help you achieve healthy and sustainable growth. Our experts will seamlessly integrate with your teams, complementing their skills, identifying areas of opportunity, and implementing plans to ensure you thrive in today’s ever-changing marketplace.





Business Strategy, Growth & Transformation, Sustainability, Processes.

We bring fresh eyes to your brand, helping you identify opportunities, optimise your processes, and drive healthy growth. We want to make sure you stay true to your brand identity while adapting to today’s constantly evolving marketplace. 





Growth, Strategic and Tactical.

We have created a 10 stage brand strategy & business development programme and provide expert advice at every stage, encouraging your personal development, supporting strategic planning and being there for your day-to-day challenges. 




Innovation, Development, Sustainability, Sourcing.

Our in-house expert is connected with the leading mills and technologies. We can  find the innovative, sustainable and commercial materials that will keep your customers coming back for more.




Range planning, Creative direction, Apparel design, Product development.

Our team can take the essence of your brand and translate it into trend relevant garments, helping you build exciting and innovative ranges that your customer will need to have. We’ll also help you to maximise your margins with clever tricks to save costs without compromising brand value.





Trend forecasting & Insights; Materials, Colour, Print, Graphics, Design

We work with your team to create a bespoke project outline focused on your business needs. Our multi-disciplined team balances market intelligence with creative insights.




Planning, Storytelling, Merchandising, Product launches, Sales.

We can help you acquire and retain customers with targeted sell-in strategies that make sure your story breaks through the noise to reach the right accounts and customers.



From our creative team, we welcome you to SSEAMS.