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SSEAMS magazine shines a spotlight on the emerging and progressive UK brands, makers & mills that will reshape our future. A spirited apparel community quarterly digital magazine independently published in Scotland by SSEAMS Studio.



"A warm welcome to SSEAMS Magazine! Simply put, we champion the unsung independent brand heroes who work tirelessly to create the garments you wear. We have a particular interest in celebrating the craft; quality and functionality of garments that will last the test of time with an opinion that these garments will not become waste product.
We introduce our readers, today's conscious consumers, to the stories behind the scenes of the garment making process, the personalities driving the brands they love, and the independent retailers whose customers set the bar high.
Our audience is made up of slow fashion trailblazers and early adopters who champion brands at their infancy. Why? Because they know a good thing when it's emerging and they are the anti-high street shoppers who love to discover something new with their curious and engaging eyes on the market. A fan of independent brands that suit their chosen and carefully curated lifestyles, SSEAMS Magazine is the barometer for good, honest brands."
Diane Richardson, Editor



We live in a visual world where creative direction for the magazine gives a clean, vibrant end product. We let the garments do the talking! Our fresh, clean optical white background lets the brands products shine out. Storytelling is a large part of the magazine brought to life through considered edits of image collateral.




In our minds, apparel means functional garments, accessories and bags that equip you for your daily life. Apparel is interconnected with who the wearer is and where they are going. Our readers don't profess to being slaves to fashion and prefer to create their own unique style. Our audience is made up of industry friends and today's conscious consumers who favour independent brands and take time discover and understand a brands belief system & core values before making a purchase.
Our target readers are creatives with curious minds who love to discover new, emerging brands who make a difference no matter how small to taking the steps to reduce their environmental impact, just as our reader does at home and throughout the course of daily life.


Our community appreciates design, quality and craft. You won't find them wandering down major high streets but they will be seen out and about the back streets, quiet lanes where independent stores, bars and restaurants are situated. They feel most at home there and bring those vibes back to their home where they curate and style their lives accordingly.






Now on issue 004, we have grown our network of contributors who we invite to tell a story in each issue. Our media kit ahead of issue 004 will go out to all contributors who we ask to share launch details / links to their audiences/communities.

SSEAMSWORKS.CO is our digital home of all SSEAMS activities - it is our ecosystem between consulting, media and garment innovation projects. Invested in growing our magazine audience, we are part of a truly dynamic network:



 We are in a fortunate (some may say unfortunate) position of knowing too much about the negative impact the clothing industry has on the world today from an environmental impact perspective. So, it could be said, SSEAMS Magazine is our outlet to celebrate the unsung heroes who are making changes and in the early stages of advancements to 'clean up' the garment lifecycle.

 Apparel lifestyle makers also just happen to be some of the most talented and joyful folks we have ever met so we are never short on content!

"Our mission for SSEAMS magazine is to shine a spotlight on the emerging and progressive UK brands, makers & mills that will reshape our future."



To our contributing brands and advertisers - if we share the stories together, surely we can help our readers (consumers) make informed opinions about the brands they buy? SSEAMS Magazine is your vehicle to tell your story in a compelling and beautiful setting.

 We grow together, united in support of one another.



We aim to be accessible to all and by supporting independent brands, our rates are set at an attractive fee structure for the rest of 2023. With that in mind, we see no reason for negotiation and seek to show transparency in the fee structure for all parties.