SSEAMS WORKS - Work in progress

SSEAMS WORKS - Work in progress

The SSEAMS collective originally came together to support the apparel industry from a consulting perspective after long careers working in-house for various international brands. Then the pandemic hit.

For everyone, including ourselves, the goal posts moved. We had to react, reset and through this period we discovered a garment manufacturer in Scotland; Seahawk Apparel, based in Glenrothes, Fife. Our heads turned from global with no access to travel, back to local.

Our relationship has flourished over the last 2 years and we now work hand in hand on private label customer engagement through to offering services no factory in Scotland offers; materials sourcing / design / product development / SME brand consulting, the list goes on...



So, as it stands today, Seahawk is the production room and we now have ambition to add other rooms to that infrastructure.






Between the showroom/studio/No.25 rural store in Stirlingshire and growing facility in Fife, we are setting a pathway for modern garment manufacturing through a new ecosystem to not only safeguard its future in Scottish manufacturing but to support brands make better environmental impact decisions as to quote our ethos, "we bring brand, maker & mill together for the common good."

Seahawk currently produces the categories of Outerwear and Trousers. Together, we are in the process of building a leading Materials library curated by Ruth Kelly and John Lundy.


At the beginning of this year, with Matthew Abbott and John Lundy leading Design & Development, we launched the first Factory selling collection - a 10 piece modern workwear collection available fully factored to apparel brands and retailers who can access Seahawk's expertise in outerwear and trouser making for private label development.



We believe this is just the beginning and we are looking forward to bringing more textile advancements to this partnership later this year.

Stay tuned...


*For enquiries about producing at Seahawk or to pick up the Factory collection brochure, contact SSEAMS showroom via

Image credits: John Barbour

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