Scotland Project

Scotland Project


For a small but established brand, the post Brexit, post Covid and Tory mismanaged environment can be a very challenging situation. Decades of European trade has evaporated and manufacturing, although still possible with the EU has become more complicated. However the rising costs in London means that for the most part manufacturing is not sustainable there either.

The answer ? Regroup and realign.

Locality and relationships are even more key; so a return of sorts to my homeland and region of the east of Scotland. We were already working with Halley Stevenson for quite a few years before 6876 connected with the team at SSEAMS who proposed the idea that we could actually manufacture clothing, not just buy fabric or knitwear, from Scotland.

Also, on many levels, there is an emerging creative community in Scotland which is augmented by much travelled Scots returning home to add their expertise and enjoy a better lifestyle.

So, 6876 is working with SSEAMS, Halley Stevenson and Seahawk to develop products, and I am indulging in my passion for, at times, the much maligned Brutalist architecture that was built in the 60's and 70's."


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Image credit: Daniel Edwards

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