Introducing SACCADE

Introducing SACCADE

Friend to the SSEAMS family, Simon Mcaleese aka Illustrator @deliberateindifference has turned his attention to bringing his designs to life with his new brand Saccade. We invited him to tell you about it.



"Coming from a background in menswear illustration, I was growing increasingly frustrated by the number of almost identical items being offered to consumers. Classics are classics for good reason, but let’s make them interesting and inject some more creativity into them via considered fabric and trims choices, different cuts, considered pocketing, collar and placket details etc."



A saccade is a rapid eye movement that shifts the centre of gaze from one point of fixation to another, and I think it sums up the whole ethos of the brand. I want to create clothing that is visually interesting with details that will be appreciated by fellow clothing lovers. Hopefully you agree."


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