With 20 years experience in the fashion industry, Nim has worked as a menswear designer with a wide range of brands within the UK including River Island and Ozwald Boateng. For the last 10 years, he lived in Amsterdam where he specialised in denim and workwear with brands such as GSTAR and Scotch&Soda. Now back in London, Nim is pursuing a sustainable upcycling concept brand (Out of Stock Studio) while freelancing as a design consultant and hosting regular garment-masterclasses. 


Out Of Stock Studio

Over the 10 years spent designing and developing denim and workwear, Nim grew resentful of the industry he had been in love with for so long: "We were just churning out styles, season after season, month after month. It was all trend-lead and nothing was designed to last. We were simply making too much stuff. I couldn't do it anymore - I couldn't see the point of it." On returning to London, Nim decided he would only work with deadstock or pre-existing garments that no-one else wanted. He began recutting 2nd hand off-the-peg suits into kimono-style overshirts, transforming old 80s raincoats into trucker jackets and modern combat trousers.



Although the concept is still in its early stages, Nim is confident that it will grow. He has sights set on upcycling a wide variety of ingredients including vintage military sleeping bags, tents, parachutes, blankets, even saris.


"Upcycling isn't a new concept, by any means and I'm not the only one doing it. But it is more relevant now than it has ever been and I hope that both customers and the industry begin to recognise its importance and potential."


Workshops and masterclasses

As part of his mission, Nim has also started running small workshops where people with basic sewing skills can design and make their own garments. His last workshop (Kimono-jacket masterclass) allowed attendees to pick their own size, fabrics, pocket construction, thread colours and finishings.



The concept being: "I think, if someone has a hand in designing & making their own garment, they're going to have a stronger emotional connection to it compared to if they'd just bought it. Consequently, they're going to appreciate it more, treasure it and hopefully keep it for longer. Yes, it's a new garment but I'm trying to use only deadstock fabric. Plus, its personal value adds to its sustainability."


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Image credits: Nim Gadhia

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