The team at SSEAMS has been discovering & championing new brands since 2017. Our issue newcomer is PATRIAM.

Based in Perth, Scotland and founded by Engineer, David Symon, PATRIAM launched earlier this year. The name, Latin for Homeland, speaks to their aim of keeping the core of the brand as close to home as possible, manufacturing in the heart of Scotland with materials from around Britain. What I admire about David is he has taken his engineering background and applied it to garment design; thoughtful and considered. We are excited for his future with the brand.





Words by David: Another reason we chose PATRIAM is that it can apply to anyone, everyone has a homeland. The fact that our designs are influenced from around the world illustrates the idea that whilst being based in Scotland, our clothes are designed to be used around the world, and moulded to the environment of the user in ways that we can’t always foresee.


"Our clothes aim to break the cycle of fast fashion, creating garments that last and combine high quality with a reasonable price. Additionally, we have no intention of following seasonal activities, instead we will release garments as and when there is demand, with a firm focus on minimising textile waste."



PATRAM on digital will launch this August. 

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Image credits: SPACE 21

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