Our appreciation for the apparel & lifestyle independent retailers grew a little more with the fall out from the pandemic as we watched in anticipation whose doors would reopen. We share some stories from the resilient owners switching up their game and doing it their way.

One thing they do have in common is their past experience, all with accomplished careers yet not who you would expect to be running your premium local indie! It's those life experiences balanced with their change of lifestyle that truly makes their stores special. Additionally, their ability to tell life stories adds value too; the perfect place for brands to partner up with these creative retailers and entrust their product stories to be communicated perfectly to customers.

Up first is Paul Gillen (pictured left), owner of Uncommon Life store, Bridge of Allan. He tells his story about how he arrived into the world of retail after a career in teaching. Up next is entrepreneur Karen Harvey of Glasgow based retail group, HOOS - we feature Green HOOS, a beautiful space for the green fingered enthusiast! Karen returned to Glasgow to open HOOS after living and working in England for the charity sector. She was awarded an MBE for her work with vulnerable children and families.



Next up is Spoiled Life in St Andrews - a lifestyle, clothing, and coffee store. Spoiled Life began its journey with Glenn and Steve’s first business venture together, Spoiled Hairdressing - a hair salon. The store has been serving The Roasting Project specialty coffee roasted in nearby Burntisland since 2020 and carefully curates its products with a firm eye on responsibility made.



Also featured, good story store on Hyndland Road, perfectly curated with a host of emerging brands from home & away. And, in good company, we announce the launch of our sister company SSEAMSWORKS first rural concept store, No.25, located in Balfron, Stirlingshire, below our studio. A space to support brands close their circularity gap as we will welcome a space rental opportunity for brands who are holding stock and would love another outlet and opportunity to sell to our rural audience.

In summary, retail is still at the heart of our communities, and we still love to visit, discover and touch & feel! #shoplocal #supportindependentretailers

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